Sonam Wangchuk Ends His Fast? Why Protests Don't Matter In New India

Sonam Wangchuk Ends His Fast? Why Protests Don't Matter In New India

Sonam Wangchuk

Sonam Wangchuk is a famous activist, engineer, and educator from Ladakh. has won many awards from all over the world, including the prestigious Magsaysay award is out-of-the-box thinking inspired by the character in 3 Idiots, called Punsukh Wangdu.In real life, science and truth win while Chatur's arrogance loses in real life, politics often wins and the truth is defeatedSonam Wangchuck was on hunger strike for 21 days. In Ladakh, where the temperature can reach -15 degrees fasted there along with the people of Ladakh but the government did not bother one time, Sonam Wangchuck was a big believer in the Modi government welcomed Article 370. He saw the new dawn in Ladakh. He supported the boycott of China campaign.

But now, Sonam Wangchuck has lost faith in the same government. He made a video daily telling the country why a Ladakh-like eco-sensitive zone needs special protection? BJP had promised to provide this protection under the 6th Schedule. But what happened to that promise - there must be some compulsion Sonam Wangchuck says that this is a conspiracy of mining and industrial lobby to plunder Ladakh resources People noticed he was getting weak Some people protested in cities in support of Ladakh. Civil society tried to raise their voice, tried to support them.

But even after 21 days, forgetting the 6th schedule no BJP leader went to meet them as if no one cared. This is just phase 1, says Sonam Wangchuck, as he is ready to fast unto death, till Ladakh gets justice But it is probably his misunderstanding In 2011, Anna Hazare also held a hunger strike to pass the Lokpal Bill. The country was invested in the fast till death by Gandhi bhakt Anna. 13 days later, the UPA govt agreed to the demands Anna Hazare broke the fast on national TV Every media channel covered it, and people went to the streets and the government to bend It is a different story that Anna Hazare has been silent after the 2014 elections. But the fact is that there was a time when students and elders, used to come for the demonstrations, as citizens, we used to care and the government listened Today, the mainstream media has completely blacked out the protests in Ladakh. Politicians used to talk to the protesters. Now, the government completely ignores them. They are like, we don't care if you die. We will care if you try to march towards Delhi. Manipur has lost nearly 200 lives in the last few months. The state has been burning since last May and the situation is still bad.

Have you seen the government or mainstream media discussing this? Have you heard any statement or debate on the protest in Hasdeo?  You might think that these are small communities and they have their own agenda. Let's talk about the national level. Farmers wanted to come to Delhi for MSP. And look what was done to them. They were welcomed with barricades, tear gas, sonic guns, and pellet guns. and the mainstream media called them Khalistani. Olympic medal-winning wrestlers protested for months against Brij Bhushan Singh but Modi ji did not feel the need to meet the daughters of the country. These are the daughters of the country who won international medals for us The mainstream media was calling out the government in the Nirbhaya movement Same media started calling wrestlers anti-Modi and defended Brij Bhushan Singh Sonam Wangchuck will again start a hunger strike Still government and media might remain silent It won't be a surprise if they declare them as an anti-national, pro-China, Chinese agent. But the saddest thing is that the common people of India will not be affected.

Not because the people have become cruel, but because their thinking has been silenced The country which was born out of protest against British rule, is now a country where protest, opposition, and questioning have become dirty words. People have let this happen. But remember, when you or I face any atrocity, there will be no one to protest or question the government.

Ladakh used to be a part of J&K state But there was a feeling of negligence as a part of J&K state On 5th August 2019, the Modi government repealed Article 370 and made Ladakh a separate Union Territory, and the people of Ladakh were very happy. now they would get autonomy. But, the opposite happened. As it often happens with masterstrokes. There would be no elected assembly in Ladakh union territory - so administration from bureaucrats in Delhi Before Article 370 was removed there were some protections Like restrictions on buying property Restriction on mining companies But these protections were also removed after 370 was removed People in Ladakh were afraid that outsiders will buy land and settle their peaceful way of life will end And the demand for 6th schedule was kept This is usually given in northeast areas, where tribal population is high And demand for autonomy also raised Remember, the majority population in Ladakh is ST. 6th schedule can be used to create autonomous administrative councils that have the authority to implement inner-line permits and they can regulate their own land, forest, water, and agriculture issues. Logically, there is a clear logic in this. Ladakh is an eco-sensitive zone.

People want to maintain their culture there. And it should be protected by the people. The only problem is that if it is done, then the mining companies will have a problem entering. After all, they will be stopped because the people of Ladakh know the price of blind development. Already, due to global warming, drought, and flash floods have become more common. How much pressure is put on the ecosystem because of unrestricted tourism is already visible in Ladakh. Glaciers, which provide water to rivers like Ganga and Sindh, are also in danger. These problems are visible now. This is not a textbook global warming issue. And the BJP government knows all this. At least, it knew. Because, before 2019's Parliament elections and 2020's Hill Council elections, BJP had promised to give a 6th schedule. Ladakh's people believed in this promise. They also made the BJP win. But what is the promise? It is politics. meetings were held one after the other. Discussions were going on. But in the end, Ladakh's leaders and people were clearly told that you are not going to get the 6th schedule or this protection.

Now, there must be some compulsion. Whatever the reason, Sonam Wangchuck says that it is due to the mining industrial lobby They want development in Ladakh. Which will put people in danger. The same mining lobby that has given 800 crore electoral bonds to the government. Sonam Wangchuck thought he would protest and fast he would put democratic popular pressure on the government, which the media would cover this would become an important national issue, Modi ji would listen and he would come to give him juice, and Ladakh would get justice. Sonam Wangchuck is innocent or does not understand politics. But what is his fault? He was taking the example of his father. Because in 1986, when Sonam Wangchuck's father, Sonam Wangyal had organized a hunger strike for the rights of the people of Ladakh, on the 16th day of the strike, Indira Gandhi herself came to Ladakh accepted the demands and broke their fast by giving fruit juice21 days of Sonam Wangchuck are over and Modi Ji hasn't even tweeted. He hasn't tweeted, there must be a reason. Or you can understand that this is New India, here, show off of democracy is not necessary But the problem is that the protest in Ladakh is neither the first nor the last, which has been ignored In the matter of democracy and democratic protest understand the chronology First step is policy making and implementation.

The government sometimes makes a policy unrelated to people's aspirations For example - three farm laws, forest mining regulation amendment, or removing the autonomy of Ladakh And the government doesn't keep its promises. For example, take the promise of MSP. if there is a fraud like electoral bonds or an incident for which the government's bad governance is responsible. Like, we know that Manipur was on fire due to mismanagement. Or, not to punish the actions of Brij Bhushan. When the citizens of the country are fed up with the lack of action of the government, they raise their voices and take to the streets. This is called democratic protest. Such protests are a part of democracy. Narendra Modi, Arun Jaitley, and Ravi Shankar Prasad, when they were student leaders or young, they also took part in democratic protests. But today, the government is doing away with this democratic right. Step 1. Create a fear environment If anyone thinks of protesting, then use IT cell to declare them as anti-national.

start threatening them. Don't give police permission to protest. Or like it happened during the CAA protest, implement section 144 in the whole city. And whenever someone comes to protest for their democratic rights, student or professor, take them to jail Send people like Umar Khalid to jail for a long time so that the rest of the citizens can sit at home and chant all is well And if there is an accident in which there is a sudden protest, then don't let the journalists go there When a 19-year-old Dalit girl is gang raped and then murdered, then journalist Sidheeq Kappan, for some reason, is arrested, picked up, put under UAPA and put in jail for years. Do you remember the Nirbhaya movement? Now, such a movement may not happen in our country even if people want you to censor the media, then how will people protest?  If despite all this, a protest is made at a high level, then somehow, clamp down on it if you want to use force, then do it. No matter how much Manipur burns, no matter how many people there put up a peace protest march, it won't make a difference And if the truth is revealed on social media, then you can slap Twitter, Instagram, and all the other social media platforms During the Farmer protest, many Twitter accounts were suspended because they started speaking a little too much truth And now, forget Twitter, international media channels are now deleting videos.

Everyone's number coming up Corporate media is already in the hands of the government and the rich. So how will the info reach you? For example, if you haven't heard about the Hasdeo forest protest A pristine forest in Chhattisgarh, where tribal protests have been going on. However, the central government gave 2000 hectares of forest to Adani for coal mining. The forests are being destroyed. Bhupesh Baghel, the Congress state government was also on it. But the people have been protesting against coal mining. 750 days of sit-in protests were going on in the village To save the Hasdeo jungle and its residents. But a few days ago, to drive away the protesters, someone set fire to the protest site. Neither the BJP government nor the Congress will say anything about this. Godi media is silent.

No matter how much people protest, it won't make a difference in New India. So, what should the protesters do? They have only one option left. They should pack their bags and go to Delhi. Then, the government in Delhi will listen to them. And the media in Noida will get access to the protest. But the government will not let you roam around Delhi. It will make a border barricade and trench. It will make the international line of control. It will drop tear gas shells on you. You keep fundamental rights in your pocket. You will be attacked by a drone or a pellet gun. The citizens will also say, what is this protest? The road is blocked. Protest in your village, do not protest in Delhi, etc. If the protest gets attention, then will try to calm down the sympathy of the citizens. Silence not only the protest but also citizen thinking. farmers' protest got so big that corporate media couldn't ignore it. So, they started delegitimizing the movement. How? Like JNU, you farmers are also against the country. Whoever raises their voice against the government, against the Supreme Leader, is against the country. People from Punjab came to the Kisan Andolan. So, the protest was called Khalistani. The Kuki community was framed and called the outside invader from Myanmar. In Odisha, Chhattisgarh, the Adivasi movement took place. So, they were called Naxalites. University students protested for JNU. So, they were called the Anti-National Tukde Tukde Gang. Civil society and intellectuals are called Andolan Jeevi /Soros Funded and by mistake, by mistake if a Muslim group raised a question about Muslim human rights if they raise a question on their anti-Muslim policies then they will become Pakistani terrorists straightaway UAP Aand if it is Banerjee then it is Mamata's nephew or Bangladeshi Forget about the small-timers. Look at the Olympic medal winners in our country, whom the Prime Minister has called the daughter of the country.

They protested against sexual harassment, for justice, what did the mainstream media do The mainstream media started working on their work, started discrediting them, that the entire movement was a drama, it was politics, and even tried to put a doctored photo with artificial intelligence What could be more shameful for the democracy of the country than this? that PM is holding the Sengol And just a few kilometres away, the police of the same Prime Minister detains gold-winning wrestlers will we remember all this? Do daily Godi media, WhatsApp media, and IT cell make us forget? The poison we consume daily, is it a tactic Daily, we get a new excuse. Hindu Muslims, us versus them, Kangana vs everyone Sometimes, the Prime Minister says that Rahul Gandhi has put Hinduism in danger.

The focus goes there and the issue disappears.  And then you also think that we should not have sympathy with such people who raise questions For Anna Hazare and Nirbhaya, the people of the country came down to the streets. But for wrestlers, for farmers, Manipur, Hathras, Hasdeo, Ladakh. Where is our support for this? Did you even retweet anything? If an independent civil society organization talks about a topic, then the government stops its funding. Like what happened with the Centre for Policy Research, If an independent media organization reports on the ground, and asks questions, then it gets raided. If an opposition party wants to raise a question, they freeze their account. Politicians are put behind bars. Opposition is stopped from publishing newspaper ads on electoral bonds. Every method is used to weaken the movement and stop your thinking Despite all this, protests are still going on in Ladakh and all the areas of the country. Efforts are being made to put democratic pressure on the government. Because they have no other choice. If they don't raise their voice, their rights will be destroyed anyway. Sonam Wangchuck is trying that Ladakh not to become a colony Sonam Wangchuck believes politicians will listen to him that the people of the country will vote for leaders who respect democracy and that justice will be served to Ladakh.

But the question is whether the people of the country will vote for these issues or not......or will vote for Us vs. The man if a good politician is elected, will he not get high on power and sell himself to corporations, compromise on principles? I am telling you all this with a sense of defeat.  the hundreds of emails you receive saying that I have this problem, I have this exam, I am not getting this job Very few emails talk about country problems So we have to develop that sense again that we have to talk about the country. Because when you talk about the country, then your problems will also be solved gradually. Otherwise, if you only look at yourself, when your turn comes, no one will be there to speak for you We can say this on Deshbhakt that when it is our turn, we can say that we have spoken for others. Open your eyes and see how protests have died in our country forever and ever. RIP. Rest in Peace.

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